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Long before the Katie Courics and Diane Sawyers of the world. . . when television was new and stereotypes about gender roles were old. . . one woman dared to take on the media's male hierarchy and carve out the career of her dreams.

Riding the Air Waves: The Life and Televised Times of Eleanor Schano is a chronicle of one reporter's fifty-year odyssey through the world of broadcasting and her groundbreaking accomplishments -- earned even as she suffered agonizing personal tragedies. Literally growing up in the public eye, Schano challenged traditional female roles in an era when women were expected to sit down and be pretty, not stand up and speak out - and she carved the template for reporters who bring both professionalism and compassion to the hard news they report.

Part history book, part personal memoir -- with a generous helping of celebrity encounters, hilarious anecdotes, and everyday wisdoms learned as a single mother working outside the home -- Schano's story is filled with courage, humor, and inspiration, and will speak to all readers about the power in each of us to make a difference.

Riding the Air Waves - The Life and Televised Times of Eleanor Schano

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