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Title: Effective Secrets of Communication

Theme: A professional broadcaster shares strategies for better professional and personal communication.
Content summary: Eleanor Schano is a top-notch communicator with a career spanning over half a century as a broadcast journalist. As an expert in the art of communication, Eleanor shares her method of direct and effective communication, which can empower all women, both at work and in the home. Eleanor's humor and talk-show style approach will captivate your audience, and can make even the largest gathering feel as if they're part of a friendly "girl's night out!" Your guests will learn:

  • It's not what you say but how you say it that counts.
  • The power of choosing the right words - and how to deliver them from a position of authority.

Title: Re-Inventing the Art of Re-Inventing

Theme: Personal growth at all stages of life.
Content summary: Eleanor Schano recognizes one universal truth about life: You can't change the waves, so you better learn how to surf! Eleanor has extensive experience in the art of re-inventing herself - by taking control of her life and charting her future when circumstances seemed overwhelming, and sometimes even insurmountable. In her 50-plus years as a broadcast journalist, Eleanor survived changes, challenges, and sexism in the workplace - yet still managed to tenaciously craft the career of her dreams. She weathered devastating personal events - including divorce, and grieving the death of a child - yet managed to courageously move forward to find abundant love and joy in her life. With clarity, wisdom, and humor, Eleanor will motivate and empower your group to:

  • Let go of emotional baggage so they can pursue new goals.
  • Discover the Beginners Guide to Starting Over.
  • Realize it's never too late to become the person you always wanted to be.

Title: The Self-Empowered Woman

Theme: Standing up, speaking out, and being your own best advocate.
Content summary: Sure, it would be great to have a staunch advocate, personal coach, cheering section, and best friend with you at all times to help you weather life's challenges - but Eleanor Schano knows that's not possible. That's why she advises women to become their own best advocate. In this fascinating and enlightening keynote address, Eleanor offers tactics, practical guidance, and loads of motivation, so your guests can pursue - and attain - their personal and professional goals. They'll hear:

  • How to create their future - one day at a time.
  • How to make accept change - and make wise choices.
  • How to be proactive, not reactive.
  • How to stay Fit and Fine over Fifty.
  • How to tap into the natural power of their femininity.

Title: Feminism: Fact & Fiction

Theme: Multi-tasking as an art form!
Content summary: Since 1952, Eleanor Schano survived the challenges of a professional woman balancing home and family while also working in an industry where gender bias and sexual harassment ran rampant. Her dynamic and passionate opinions on this topic have made her a much-sought-after speaker at women's conferences and seminars around the country. Now, your guests can learn Eleanor's expert tips and tactics garnered though a lifetime of experience, including:

  • A hands-on, light-hearted approach to surviving the male-dominated jungle that still exists in America 's workplaces.
  • A "Mommy Track Survival Kit" for women struggling to have it all.
  • Strategies for raising happy kids. (Tip: The secret ingredient is a happy mom!)

Title: New Age of Aging in America

Theme: Secrets of successful aging
Content summary: Who ever said you have to act your age? Age-wise/ Age-well/ Age-less...that's Eleanor Schano's mantra! She believes people don't grow old - they only become old when they stop growing. In New Age of Aging in America, Eleanor presents a program aimed at reversing the aging process the natural way. Audiences of all ages will be inspired by:

  • Clear, practical and inspirational advice to "live the good life."
  • Eleanor's personal approach to self-improvement.
  • Motivational messages to manage the daily challenges families face throughout the many stages of life.


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